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Foundation Mission: Focus on the safety, diversity, and unity of the youth in the Metro Detroit Area and in the future, cities across the United States. Motor City Mentors will focus on different topics that affect children on a daily basis and current events that may take place.
Changing the World One Leader at a Time

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Providing a safe outlet to protect the youth by interacting on a frequent to daily basis.
Striving to make a difference in the world by building champions in our youth.
Delivering a powerful message.
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  1. "Every child should feel important and confident in themselves. I want to build champions to change the world in a positive way."

    Rachel Aiello (Founder)

Flint Water Crisis

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All donations go directly to the residents of Flint.
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Upcoming EVENTS
  1. Flint Water Drive
    Feb 13
    Flint Water Drive
    Motor City Mentors collected over 250 cases of water in the first water drive for Flint.
  2. BuzzFeed Video
    Mar 10
    BuzzFeed Video
    Motor City Mentors was featured in a video regarding the Flint Water Crisis. Check it out @